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Walter Brough
Walter is a professional caller, entertainer, instructor and dancer.

Healthier Lives – Try Square Dancing
By Walter Brough | Published in 280 Living

The Art of Square Dancing
By Walter Brough | Presented at the 2011 National Callerlab Convention

Birmingham Square Dance Association
The Birmingham Square Dance Association (BSDA) invites you to come square and round dance with us whenever you are in the area. Our Association is made up of 24 Square and Round dance clubs in the Birmingham area. Come Square and Round dance in our air conditioned dance hall on our hardwood floor. The Friendship Hall is located in Fultondale, AL.

Alabama Square and Round Dance Association
The Alabama Square and Round Dance Association supplies fun, entertainment and exercise to any age group through Square Dancing, Round Dancing and Line Dancing.

Square Dance Resources
Square Dance information, callers and cuers, events, articles, choreography, products, definitions, lists, links and more. Vic Ceder, a well-known challenge caller, maintains this web site.

International Callers Association
As an organization of square dance callers, part of our mission is to provide education and guidance to callers. CALLERLAB also maintains information (lists, definitions, and other information) on a variety of dance program from Basic through C-3A.

A New Song & Dance Routine — Friendship Set to Music

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